[PHOTOS] Gift Support for MNL48’s Jem Seijin Shiki

Last January 13 of 2019, the girls of MNL48 who would turn 20 this year celebrated their coming-of-age day.

Coming of Age Day or Seijin Sheki in Japanese is a traditional celebration in which a woman embraces her adulthood. In the Philippines we really don’t have that as we consider 18 as the legal age not 20. Just go to COMELEC and there you are an adult. Just Kidding.

Kidding aside, for the girls of MNL48 this is an important event as it is a widely known celebration in the 48 Family Group. My MNL48 Oshi , Jem, was one of them. Like I said, this is an important celebration in a woman’s life, let just say that this was our chance to celebrate her “debut” as a woman.

I then decided to give her a gift as I want this event to meaningful for her.  I went out of the conventional gift giving and decided to go with the tradition with my gifts and do it semi-fansite style even though I am not a fansite (I would love to but my schedule always clashes when she had schedules where we can take pictures).

Jem’s Coming of Age Gift Support

Anyways, here are the list of the gifts I presented to her:


Image result for Oxygen Tempest perfume

Giving someone a perfume shows that you have put a lot of thought into who the recipient is and what they might like. It’s also something that they will wear every day – thinking of you. That’s why giving someone a perfume is a sign of affection.

I really put an effort into choosing but buying a perfume means war for me since I’m allergic to it. I put a lot of courage to smell that scent knowing that I might have allergic reaction to it after. It also means “please remember me for  a long time”.


Roses might be another sign of affection but for someone who is celebrating her coming-of-age day, giving roses means that you respect and admire the recipient. I intentionally choose an artificial one as it will not wither and will last longer.



Image result for kylie jenner pressed blush powder

Make-up is another essential for someone entering adulthood plus the fact that Jem would be under a lot of spotlight and having these would somehow help with her profession.


Since Jem is going to Thailand this month, I thought that this will be an essential item for her. Also, this might just not be her job outside the country. I choose a white colored one adorn by cats design as  she is known to love cats.


Not much of a thought on this, it is just that she likes Pokemon and Game of Thrones merches and so I decided to add these.

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Aitakkata, Gustong Makita: My MNL48 Experience

Cr: Halo-Halo Entertainment

So after my craziness to the 48 Group World, I didn’t expect that I will also be supporting their sister group outside Japan, to be more precised, their sister group in my very own country, Philippines. Yes, I am talking about MNL48.

MNL48 stands for MaNiLa 48, the capital of the Philippines and the main base of the girls. Like AKB48 and the rest, they also have different teams and kenkyuusei (research students), pretty much the same format like the rest.

I’ll be honest, at first I really don’t have the care to support or to get to know them. I find it a little cringey as I rarely support a local artist, not that I don’t like them it is just that idol type of celebrities is not my thing. I also don’t like how they were presented and how the management try to sell them to the fans. I find it a little too “Jejeje”. I remember myself screaming at my lil sisters if they watched the show, I will tell them that it’s a waste of time and all. I have nothing against the girls, really, again, I just don’t like how they presented and the marketing strategy to sell them to fans.

When I first enter the world of 48G, I told my friends that the only group that I will be supporting is those within Japan, meaning those I will allot my time and money. I like Team SH, because of Lu Nian as I really like her ever since her Produce 101 China days. I also like Team TP because Abe Maria is there but I haven’t spend a single dime for them unlike those groups within Japan.

It all changes because of one particular happening.

The Beginning

Banners outside the venue.

Two of my friends sort of want to experience the Handshake Event or Akushukai just in case we wanted to try that in Japan. So the three of us decided to go ahead and try, besides since it is local, it is a lot cheaper and no flights and accommodation to worry about.

Few days from the actual Handshake event, I still don’t know who to line-up for and what to say as I don’t know who the girls are. I attempted to ask people for suggestion but one name is common, Sela. I opt not to go to her lane as she is one of the most popular member and I don’t really like lining up. I sort of thinking in going in Alice‘s lane, another common member suggested by the others but my main reason was she is the captain similar to Yuihan who is my oshi in AKB48.

However, 2 days before the event someone from twitter said that there is a member in MNL48 who’s kami-oshi and most respected senpai is Takeuchi Miyu (my baby oshi). I asked who and it was the member named Jem.

Day of the event came and we were just observing the surroundings, I saw familiar people. We came a little earlier as we planned to eat lunch first. My friends bought another handshake and so did I. I was just basically ridding the wave. But I honestly have something to confirm and that is if this Jem girl is really a Miyukat (Miyu’s fandom name).

Event started and we lined up for the members we like. Jem’s lane is not that long which is okay. It was my turn and I was sort of nervous, we breathe the same air and under the same sky but since this is my first handshake event, I was still nervous. She started of by complementing my eyes (and I love it when people do that) then I went with my mission and asked her the question I’ve been wanting to us “Are you also a Miyukat?“. She said “yes” with sparkling eyes, she then told me that she watches her youtube covers religiously. Unfortunately, my 10 seconds time limit was over and I am not so satisfied yet. She won me already and I still want to talk her. I stayed in front of her booth and was silently thinking of going again, my question was answered when she waved at me. I was able to left an impact, even my friend was teasing me saying “oh no, she know’s you already.”

So I decided to buy 2 more albums for the handshake tickets. I waited till 2 minutes was left before I line-up again, fortunately, I was the last one before the event was over. When she saw me again her eyes kind of glisten, thankful that another fan is back on her lane. She held my hand tightly and kept on thanking me that time I decided, I will support her no matter what regardless if she is a Miyukat or not, yes I got fished right then and there. Our conversation ended as to what Miyu merch she like and I swear she flashed one of her sweetest smile when I said I’ll give her one.

The Mini-Concert

Life size standee waiting for us outside the venue.

More than a month after the handshake event and a mini-Christmas concert was announced. I was heavily contemplating if I will go our not that I forgot to buy a ticket, fortunately, I have some friends who know people who bought more than 1 and not needing it.

I was a bit late but the show proper hasn’t started yet which is a good thing. The show started and all I can say is whatever prejudice I had before is now gone because of this event. I saw that the girls are hub of talents and they really know how to hype up the fans. I had the most fan-service from Abby, Sha and one of the Duran twins (I’m not sure who). Unfortunately, Jem was always on the other side, tried to take her attention by using a led banner app from my phone but failed to do so. Overall, the show was really enjoyable, I saw a new side of the girls.  However, I for zero moments with Jem.

Precious pika-Jem

Luckily, there was an after event in which you can buy merches directly from the girls, I don’t know what it is called but seems like a common practice for the 48 Group. While I was lining up and waiting for me and my friends turn, I fished my phone out and flashed the led banner I made for Jem, she saw it and was so surprise to see me.

It was our turn and Jem suddenly went out of my sight, she transferred from the first table to the second one. Of course, she’s the member I go to. Our talked begun and she said that she was really having a hard time seeing everyone from the stage because of the spotlight. She asked me if I enjoyed which of course, I said yes. Told her I gave her something and she was just really thankful. I told myself that okay, she really got me and I will support her no matter what.

Time to pay the merches I bought from her and there’s a girl who seemed to notice my Hufflepuff hoodie, her name was Andi (a new name for me to remember and get to know), she asked me where I bought it and since I’m running out of time and explanation I told her I’ll just give her one which is really not a big deal since I found a member who is also a potterhead like me!

It’s really rare for me to follow a local idol but it wouldn’t be a harm if I go ahead and support the local sister group of the beloved Japanese Idol I love. I then decided that whenever I have time I will go and attend events. I’m not into collecting their items yet but if Jem sells it to me then I most likely buy it. Now. I’m waiting for the my second handshake experience.

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My Oshi List

Image result for akb48 team surprise

Since I am so into 48G Family right now, I think it would be best to introduce who the members in my Oshi list, in J-pop your “bias” is called “oshi” and your “ultimate bias/UB” is called “kami-oshi”.

Without further adieu let me tell you who my Kami-Oshi is…She is none other than AKB48’s fashion leader, the lovely Itano Tomomi.

Image result for Itano Tomomi

If you personally know me and my taste you will probably ask why? She’s in a different range than of my usual pick but there’s a force that pulls me towards her. I often opt for the leader type one or the intelligent one and not so into those visual type but let me tell you that her looks is  really deceiving, in a good way.

She is your typical girly type but this girl hates to lose and she would throw away her image and get her head-on when she is ask to complete a task or a challenge. She’s one of the few members who takes Muchaburi dodge-ball seriously and she had a pretty good record in that game.

She’s also smart. She may look like she would only be concern with her looks but Tomochin as fans would call her, displayed her intelligence in their shows. One of which is her keen observation skills in AKB Profiling and her ability to learn new stuff in an instant.

Her being one of the pioneer member also displayed her leadership traits, one of which is how she trained a kouhai (hoobae in Korean term).

In 48G, once your oshi graduates, you can continue to support the group and choose an active member that would somehow fill your emptiness, my current oshi and holds the number 1 position in my list among all the active members is AKB48 Group’s General Manager and the elegant Yokoyama Yui.She is probably’s Nayoung‘s equivalent in the 48G, I meant she has the same place as Nayoung in my heart.

Belongs to my most favorite generation, 9th Gen, Yuihan as she is commonly known possess all the abilities I am looking for when I search for my number 1 member. She has the leadership as she is the 2nd generation overall leader of the entire 48G Family. Yup, she does not just take care of 48 members but 300+ members inside and outside Japan.

Talent wise, it might not be as solid as the others but this girl possess the ability to learn quickly. She had learn how to play the trumpet, flute, drums, guitar, piano, violin, harmonica and most recently beat-boxing. Yes, this girl is a hotpot of talent. Her dance skill might not be as devilish like the rest but she can dance and she can learn choreography easily. 
Yuihan also possess elegance similar to Seohyun. She has this lady-like aura but can also rock and unleash her homme-fatale charm. She’s so handsome when she dress-up like a man.

And oh physical attributes you say? She got the 3 things I am looking for: eyes, smile/dimples and hair. She really looks good in side fringe jet-black hair. Next on the list, is I think the prettiest in the entire 48G Family (this is again, just me), the only member who made it on to the Top 100 Faces of the World, it’s the lavishing and sexy as hell, Shimazaki Haruka or ParuruShe’s also one of the most fashionable member in the entire 48G, probably because she was trained and looked after by Tomochin.

Paruru rock almost every kind of hairstyle she is given too. Her innocent looking face plus the deep dimples probably was a factor for her to look the best in whatever style. She might not be that excellent in sing and dance but this girl’s expertise acting which made me fall in love with her. She was the heroine of Majisuka Gakuen 4 and 5 that I love so much. She made me fall in love with her character.

Her frankness or what others call as “saltiness” is one of her charm, that if she said something so straight forward you won’t get mad at her. She also has this look that she always smells good.

This list won’t be complete without the mention of the member who introduced me to 48G Family, the culprit of this whole craziness, my little bunny, Takeuchi Miyu.  By now, you probably know that by knowing her from Produce 48, I got so hook into liking 48G cause I attempted to know her variety skills.

Miyu is like a cinnamon roll, so sweet and enticing. This girl is so musical that even everyone in AKB acknowledge that (except the management). She may not be so devilish in the dance floor but she can really dance, AKB’s theater manager acknowledge that which earned her that respect. She is also so talented that she had an absolute pitch in which she can play any song upon hearing it once.

She can also play, oops not play, slay the piano, can play the trumpet and guitar. Miyu is also producer in the making as she is active in doing her own arrangement and version of songs.

Here’s a sample of one of her amazing covers, one of my favorite songs, be sure to subscribe and like!

So far I mentioned members that got me through their talents and skills but here’s a member that I always find handsome (and beautiful), for me. She’s one of the most ikemen member in AKB, it’s her royal highness, Shinoda MarikoProbably one of the tallest and stylish member in the group. Mariko-sama has this charm in which she probably can capture you with her smile and charisma. Her boyish aura is more than enough for you to be single for life and devote yourself to her. Another point is, this girl is damn funny and got some variety skills. Another plus point is her cooking abilities!

If ikemen is what we are talking about then this member is probably one of the best within the entire 48 Family Group, she goes by the name of Okada NanaEnough of the explanation and just look at her and tell me if she doesn’t look so handsome?

Kidding aside, if talent is what you are looking for then she is probably one of the top. She sings very well and dances really well too. She knows the world “synchronization” and “rhythm” despite having no “Korean training”. She’s not falling behind in terms of those skills.

Image result for Kato MinamiNext on my list is one of the younger members and probably the youngest in my overall list. All the members mentioned above is from AKB48, though Okada Nana is the captain of STU48, she is still in AKB48, this girl is the only one outside AKB48, she is one of NGT48‘s captain, Kato Minami or Katomina.

Sounds familiar? Well, her nickname is after 1st gen General Manager, Takamina. She loves her so she decided to make her nickname similar to hers.

So far I’ve been talking about the musicality of the members in this list (except Paruru) but this girl’s specialty is baton twirling that somehow enables her to show a crisp dance moves, not to mention her ability to do flips and turns.

By far, all the members I mentioned are known to be captains or leaders. Miyu was never a captain but she lead her teams during Produce 48. Paruru is not a captain but she lead the group by being the ace and face of the group.

Yes, I still love leaders.

Now, let’s move on to my oshi in their respective groups within 48G. I currently don’t have an oshi in HKT48 but there are some girls that somehow got my interest. In NMB48, I currently don’t have an oshi that is/are active. Most of them are graduates already.

One of which is the oozing with sex appeal, the deadly, Watanabe Miyuki.

Image result for Watanabe Miyuki“She fished you”, well yes, it’s hard to resist her charm. Besides from that oozing sex appeal, she is also a good dancer and singer. She recently uploads a video of her dance practice and man, I drooled a bit.

Another oshi of mine is queen of variety, Ogasawara Mayu.Related imagePretty different from what I listed so far, but she’s really funny that I love her so much. She’s the type of variety queen that is not annoying or will annoy you at some point. She’s a good singer too.

Next one is not really my oshi yet, but I just love her.Image result for Yagura FuukoHer name is Yagura Fuuko. Just look at her, isn’t she lovely?

Let’s fly to Nagoya and get to know my oshi from SKE48.

It’s not SKE if it’s not Matsui, well true, but my kami-oshi in SKE48 is the more feminine one, Matsui Rena.

Image result for Matsui RenaIt’s probably her character in Majisuka Gakuen that won me over but once you got to know more of her, you will fall in love deeper. Different from her Gekikara character.  And yes, she was once the captain of her team.

Next would be my girlies from 9th gen, Oba Mina and Yamauchi Suzuran.Image result for oba mina and yamauchi suzuranThese two are bundle of fun especially Minarun. She’s so funny that you can help but fall in love with her and of course, a captain of her team. Ranran was once a vice-captain and she has this buriko character but not so annoying.

Going outside Japan, I only have two oshi’s that are not Japanese. One from MNL48 and one from Team SH.Related imageMNL48’s Jem was an accidental oshi for me but man, she sealed the deal upon realizing how adorable and intelligent she is. A Political Science student, future lawyer as they say, she is also a book lover and her instagram is also full of aesthetics.

Talent wise, watch her slay the dance floor and wow you with her singing abilities. Right, now she’s the only member I adore and follow among MNL48 and it is all worth it.

From Team SH, it’s Liu Nian.Image result for Liu Nian produce 101 chinaFirst followed her from Produce 101 China, she was an adorable fluffball that would stick around Da’Juan. Their chemistry together is uncanny but she made a name for herself when she is hailed as the center of their debut song.

Wrapping-up the solo list, let me introduce to you my kami-oshi generation, if that term even exist.

It’s the girls of 9th Generation, the most bonded and close generation that everyone seems to recognize. Seriously, if I explain why I love them it will take so much space from this entry and I can talk about them all day.

One probable reason is 3 of them are my oshi but seriously, try searching up for them and you will understand me better.

Notable mentions:

AKB48’s Kato Rena

Related image

AKB48’s Murayama Yuiri

Image result for 村山彩希

Team TP’s Abe Maria

Image result for Abe Maria

SKE48’s Matsui Jurina

Image result for 松井珠理奈

AKB48’s Kashiwagi Yuki
Basically, the rest in original Kami-7 that was not mentioned above.

Who’s in your oshi list?

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K-pop Songs Perfect For Your Christmas Playlist

Related image

Christmas is just around the corner and it won’t be complete without some music blasting in your speakers for your Christmas party.

So here are some K-pop Christmas songs that will be perfect for your parties!

  1. This Christmas – JYP Nation

I would say this is one of the best Christmas jingle that was released by a management label. The song is in medium tempo beat that will certainly hype up your party. The music is exciting that could bring you eargasm.

How I wish JYP would do this again, I sort of want to see TWICE in it.

2. The Carol – LOONA’s Heejin, Hyunjin and Haseul (이달의 소녀)

Christmas won’t be complete without pretty girls singing Christmas carols. Here is LOONA’s Triple H singing you some sweet melody. This is a type of song that will certainly washed away your stress in preparing those delicious dishes ready to be devour in your party.

The aesthetic in this video will also be enough to be a decoration for your party. A pretty backdrop I would say.

3. Christmas Day – Starship Planet 

Single? No worries, the artistes of Starship are here you. They gifted us with this beautiful song that will make your cold Christmas a bit hot.

4. Merry and Happy – TWICE

The spirit of Christmas is about giving, may it be love or gifts. This is what the girls of TWICE depicts in this video. You will realize that what matters most is the giver not the gift.

5. Magic Castle – TVXQ

Have your self a merry little Christmas and be serenade by the handsome boys of TVXQ when they are still five. (Cry with me in the corner please)

6. Santa You Are the One – Super Junior

Being serenade by handsome boys while making you realize your worth is really a good Christmas gift. It is really time to celebrate cause there’s “YOU” in it.

7. This Christmas – Taeyeon

Slow tempo Christmas song is not unusual, but they are not here to make you cry but somehow make you realize how it is more special to celebrate it with the people you love. No one is destined to be alone, it is by choice.

Spending alone is not bad either however having someone around would be helpful. Love is the real spirit of Christmas after all.

8. Dear Santa – SNSD TTS

I might give you a 1,000 pesos if you choose to sing this outside our house doing caroling. You don’t understand Korean? No worries, here’s an English version of Dear Santa for you!

9. Diamond – SNSD

When SM Town decided to release a Christmas album that includes this track, we all know that it is a perfect gift not just for the fans but to those who wanted to enjoy Christmas with good music.

10. All I Want – Fantagio Music Artist

Christmas Station ID by management labels will always be great as they are a great reminder that you should spend it with the people around you, those you love and trust.

These are my recommended K-pop Christmas songs, do you have a song in mind that you want the world to know? Do drop it in the comments section!

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Cardvinci Code: How To Protect and Store Your Photocard Collections.

My SNSD photocards, postcards, A4 and photosets.

I’ve been planning to write a blog about this even before but never really had a time to do it. It all started when one mutual in twitter asked how to store posters that you will not paste on the wall then followed by a trigering thread in which photocards were pasted on the WALL (WHY!). The desire heighten when one of my friend tweeted that she is giving away her old card holders and someone commenting that she does not know such sleeves and holders exist.

With the Hallyu Wave still a trend, I noticed that a lot of fans have little to no idea on how to store and protect the inclusions of the album they buy. I also noticed that a lot of fans could still not gasp the world of collecting merchandise of their biases.

For others it maybe just a piece of papers inside the album but for us collectors, we value it so much. Others would probably question, why is the card more expensive than the album when sold pre-loved? That is because it is the card you collect and not the album. Cards or inclusions come in random that it forces you to buy multiple copies just to secure your bias card. There are other ways like trading it but if your bias is the most popular one then it will be hard to trade. Also, the challenge of finding how many are you going to collects in that certain group. You can just also buy it but that would cause so much more money sometimes especially if your bias in the face of the group.

Since photocards or album inclusions cost more money than the actual album, we collectors also spend money just to protect them. There are cards that the value increases as time goes by and there are just some that stays the same. Rarity and exclusiveness is something you might consider when you find photocards and all.

So here are some tips on how you can protect or keep your cards/album inclusions. We will be talking about the different types of protective sleeves and the likes.

But before that you have to be familiar with these terms, they are your basis when you buy stuff for your collections:

Small Size Cards – these are the usual size of the photocards we see inside the album. They are also called album photocards but there are some cards that are bigger than the usual. Same size as Yugi Oh cards.

Chungha’s Hands on Me photocards are example of small size photocards.

Standard Size Cards – these are the cards bigger than the album photocards. Example would be the Starcards or profile cards from PRISTIN‘s Hi Pristin album and Weki Meki‘s WEME album. They are the same size as Magic Cards.

PRISTIN HI Pristin Profile Cards are example of Standard Size Photocards.Now, let me tell you the things you need to protect those precious inserts.


One of my binders

As a collector, having one is a must as this is where you keep all you cards. This is basically the house of your cards. You probably want to ask why you shouldn’t leave it inside the album where it’s usually hidden. Thing there is photocards are sometimes more glossy than the albums, overtime the prints on the cards will stick on the album page. Also, if not properly placed there is a high chance that the card will be damage or dented and again, photocards is what makes the album expensive. It is the driving force for the customers to buy more albums.

There are different kinds of binder but we will be talking about the ones that are commonly used.

  • 4 Pockets Trading Album
    It’s the very first binder I owned back in 2012. The growing number of albums forced me to buy a more suitable home for my cards since I really don’t like my cards scattering around. This card holder can fit small to standard size type of photocards. It’s called 4 Pockets cause it fits 4 cards in one page. It’s very handy but the downside of this is you can’t more pages to fill if in any case you used all pages.

    Image result for 4 pockets trading album
    Example of 4 Pockets Trading Album.

    Where to buy: Comic Alley, Hobbies and Landies and Cards/gaming Shop (Ludo, Courtside, Neutral Grounds)

  • 9 Pockets Trading Album
    It is basically the bigger version of the 4 Pocket Trading Album, it fits 9 cards in one page perfect for groups like SNSD (before the Jessica incident), Twice, Gugudan, DIA (before Eunjin incident) and groups with 9 members. This however frustrates those with 10 members like PRISTIN, it just kill your OCD but you can just go ahead and give your bias her own page like what I do.Image result for 9 pockets trading albumWhere to buy: Comic Alley, Hobbies and Landies, Cards/gaming Shop (Ludo, Courtside, Neutral Grounds)
  • 3 Ring Binder
    This is a must have if your photocard collection is growing and you are a multi-fandom like me. They are basically the binder you could buy from stationary shops or bookstores. There are a lot of version but what collectors usually use is the 3-ring ones because the fillers that will be used for these have 3 holes most of the time.Where to buy: National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Office Warehouse or any stationary shop or bookstores. There are also photocard binders released by different artists. One of which is for SM artist which fits 2 cards per page,
    Related imageLovelyz and TWICE released  9 pocket binders as well.Image result for lovelyz card holder
    Now let’s talk about the things you would need together with your 3-ring binder.  This really depends on the collector themselves, so this will be base from how I do it.

    2. THE CORE
    Pocket Sleeves
    There are different kinds of pocket sleeves. These are the fillers you use to actually store your cards. I only use 2 brands: Ultra Pro and BCW. I use the platinum series for Ultra Pro that is acid free and no PVC, same with BCW.

  • 9 Pocket Photo Page Sleeves/Filler 
    The most common type of sleeves that you will be able to find in the market. This would fit small and standard size type of photocards.
    Image result for 9 pocket s
  • 4 Pockets Photo page Sleeves/Filler 
    This fits bigger size cards like Gugudan’s Time Table cards from Act 1: Little Mermaid album and DIA’s Tarot Cards from Spell album. This is also the one I use for my PRISTIN’s SCHXXL OUT Postcards. This could also be use for AKB48s Photosets.
  • 3 Pockets Photo Page Sleeves/Filler
    This holds much bigger cards like postcards of the common size.
  • 3 Pockets Currency Page Sleeve/Filler
    This is the perfect sleeves for your bookmarks such as I.O.I’s Chrysalis bookmarks and GFRIEND‘s Season Greetings Bookmarks.
  • 2 Pockets Photo Page Sleeves/Filler
  • 1 Pocket pages
    For much bigger size type of cards, I use clear book fillers. I use the Seagull brand as they are thicker and of course, acid-free.

    Deck Protector Cover/Sleeves

    The last from the 3 that you would actually need. Like mentioned, the card is what makes the collector buy more albums. Also, there are just cards so expensive that you might want to protect. Great example would be the those rare cards that SNSD released before. Imagine a “piece card” that cost almost a thousand USD.These are the deck protector sleeves that I use, I do three-sleeving:

    Pro fit inner sleeves – small outer sleeves – standard outer sleeves
  • Pro-fit inner small deck protector sleeve
    This is the first layer sleeve that I put in my cards. They are usually thinner and fits the cards perfectly. Size is 60 mm x 87 mm.
  • Outer small deck protector sleeve
    Similar to the pro-fit ones but this is use after the inner sleeves. A bit bigger than the pro-fit with the size of 62 mm x 89 mm.
  • Pro-fit inner standard deck protector sleeve
    I use this as the third layer for my cards. Usual size is 64mm x 89mm, perfect for I.O.I‘s Miss Me and Whatta Man cards. This is also the sleeve I use for my profile cards like Pristin’s Hi! Pristin and Weki Meki’s WEME album.
  • Outer standard deck protector sleeve
    Size is bigger than the pro-fit ones and commonly use as outer layer. Size is 66mm x 91 mm. I use this as the second layer for the profile  cards.For cards bigger than this I usually make the protector myself by buying a bigger protector sleeve or using resealable sleeves.Now there are cards or maybe signed cards that you want to protect with all your might. There are several holders you can use for this like the Mini-snap card holder that I use for my I.O.I Nayoung Taxi card that is extremely rare and exclusive.

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Majisuaka Fight: The Strongest Of Them All

Since the end of Majimura Gakuen, the 7th installment of my all-time favorite 48 Family Group Drama, Majisuka Gakuen, I’ve been itching to write a blog about the strongest characters in the whole seven series. Sadly, I’ve been busy with my chaotic life and was not able to find the time to do so,  but now I’m doing it! Yes (insert Yuko’s voice).

I’m so in love to this series that I can actually write all different topics about it but for now let me introduce to you the strongest characters in Majisuka Gakuen. Please do note that personal preference also affected this list, so without further adieu, let’s meet the strongest character of my beloved series.

 10.  Lily (Oguri Yui). Majimuri Gakuen (MJGK 7)

I was really excited when it was announced that there would be a 7th season when Majimuri Gakuen was announced only to be disappointed to find out that only one character had the same strength to be in Rappappa.

Their version of Rappappa (Wind Brass  Instrument Club) is a Student Council compose of powerful people in the society in terms of finances. Lily is that transferee student like Maeda, Center and Sakura but among the students, she is the only one who posses strength and fighting skills. Maybe that is because Shiritsu Arashigaoka Gakuen is not a Yankee school like Majisuka Jyogakuen but even so, it is really a shame to know that the characters are so much weaker than the weakest characters in the whole MJGK series.

Going back, Lily’s fighting style compromises of various techniques in which she matches the strength of her opponents. She had cleaner moves than the rest of the characters in this list but still unable to surpass them in terms of strength.

9. An’nin (Iriyama Anna), Majisuka Gakuen 3

Like Lily, she is the only character from Majisuka Gakuen 3 that was able to ranked in this personal list of mine. Though she lost her fight against Paru (Shimazaki Haruka) and might lost to Nobunaga (Matsui Jurina) if they continue the fight, she still outranked them.

I have my reasons why I did not include Paru here, she can only display her real strength if she is in her demon mode thus unable to unleash her full potential in normal mode.

An’nin is the leader of Team Mongoose. With just a look she could send her underlings trembling in fear. You can’t be deceived by this beauty as the reason why she was in jail is she murdered all her teachers and classmates without using a gun. Imagine the strength she had to murder a whole class.

Like Otabe, she is also a decent fighter with great sense of intelligence. She was able to unmask Miyu‘s cover from being a weak errand girl to a murderer. Among all the prisoners in Majisuka Gakuen 3, she is the only one with a heavy crime. Miyu might be an assassin but that only happened after she was jailed and hired as a “cleaner”.

8. Black (Kashiwagi Yuki), Majisuka Gakuen 1

There are only 3 characters in the whole MJGK series who possess inhuman abilities; Torigoya (Kojima Haruna), Maeda and Black (Gekikara is not included because is just insanely strong).

Her ability to move fast is a great edge in her fighting style. She was able to display how strong she is when she fought Maeda’s Gundan, it was 4 versus 1 fight in which the only reason she lost is because she loses focus. It was a pretty lame lost but she almost fatally injured her opponents which could lead them 6 feet under.

Her speed also help Maji-jo claim their honor as the number 1 yankee school during the huge fight in Majisuka Gakuen 2.

7. Sado (Shinoda Mariko), Majisuka Gakuen 1
The character played by her royal-highness, Mariko-sama, is one of the most feared student during her days in Maji-jo. This former gang-leader fought numerous students that made her way into being Rappappa’s Vice-President.

Her fight with Maeda landed her into this list as she almost drained the heck out of Maeda’s strength.

Sado’s fighting style also carries elegance as she fight with  a certain stance that is similar to a female game character in Capcom vs Marvel. She mostly uses her fist to fight but uses objects to throw at her opponents when she is fighting she is outnumbered.

Maybe Shinoda Mariko’s role as Sado earned her way into being called an action-star in the entertainment industry.

6. Otabe (Yokoyama Yui), Majisuka Gakuen 2,4 and 5

We should by now that Rappappa is the strongest club in Maji-jo and the school being the number 1 Yankee school in Japan in MJGK. Rappappa’s legacy won’t continue without Rappappa herself, yes Otabe is Rappappa, Rappappa is Otabe (probably reference to her actress being the General Manager of the whole 48G).

She might be beaten by Sakura but her strength could be seen with the injury Sakura received during their fight. Also, she is not only strong, she is also the calmest and most intelligent among the Heavenly Queens.  Strength+intelligence, imagine the outcome. She’s also rich but decided to stay away from her father’s fortune for the sake of the word “honor” which made Salt to follow her even if she is stronger than her.

5. Sakura (Miyawaki Sakura), Majisuka Gakuen 4 & 5

This maybe a surprise as to why she ranked lower than the other main cast but Sakura’s strength is something you can’t deny. Her character literally screams “come fight me, if you can”.

She might be beaten at first but she was able to claim herself back and claim the victory she needed to climb the top. She finally reached it in Majisuka Gakuen 6 (Cabasuka Gakuen).

Sakura’s incredible strength showed when she was able to unlock herself from Magic ‘s (Kizaki Yuria) handcuffed.  She has a similar fighting skills like Lily as she uses a combination of kick and punch when fighting. A punch into a face is her way to finish of an opponent.

4. Gekikara (Matsui Rena), Majiuska Gakuen 1&2

This goddess of hell is one of a kind character that even my friends find her laugh disturbing and scary. This girl is really crazy that she does not even care whether she win or lose, what is important for her is the agony and pain she hears from her opponents. Blood drives her more into fighting, she does not care if she would be put to jail if she happens to kill her opponent and she does not easily just defeat them, she tortures them.

Her fight with Maeda is one of the most anticipated fight in the series but even though no one defeats who, she still ranked lower than Maeda. She ranked higher than Sakura is she does need to awaken her strength to defeat her opponents.

Sadly, though they created a similar character like her in Majisuka Gakuen 4 with Shirogiku and Kurobara (Shiroma Miru and Yagura Fuuko) they do not possess the same strength like Gekikara.

3.  Maeda (Maeda Atsuko), Majisuka Gakuen 1&2
1st season’s heroine’s Maeda ranked 3rd in this list. She possess an incredible ability that unfortunately was not able to carry out on the next seasons. has the ability to imitates her opponents fighting skills and use it against them. She also has this unimaginable invincibility that she could take any hit and blow infected to her by the opponents but still able to stand still and claim her victory.

2.  Yuko (Oshima Yuko), Majisuka Gakuen 1

This 5th generation Rappappa president ranked number 2 in my list as she was indeed one of Maji-jo’s honor. Though we didn’t get a Yuko-Maeda fight she ranked higher than Maeda as despite being sick she was able to score 133 in the punching machine.

It may be a hearsay that she had beaten 30 Yabakunee students all by herself the fact that Sado, which is highly feared even by the demon Gekikara, was beaten is already a great proof of her strength.

1. Salt (Shimakazi Haruka), Majisuka Gakuen 4&5

Played by the lovely Shimazaki Haruka, Salt was probably the strongest character ever created in the entire Majisuka Gakuen series. Even the calculating and deceiving Nenzumi was convinced that she was a monster. She even shed a tear cause Sakura couldn’t beat her and take note, she was only hit 1 time by HKT’s finest member.

Fighting style wise, she uses her arms more than her legs and the force the impact of her punch is enough for your ribs to broken, it might be slowed so much in the drama but her arm speed is actually fast in reality.


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The Second Coming

The Second Coming and The Monster

This might be the longest out of the 3 review series I had written since the remaining seasons are centered with HKT48‘s finest member (I just read that somewhere).

To begin, I would like to recommend that if you will watch the whole Majisuka Gakuen series, watch it like this:

  • Majisuka Gakuen 1
  • Majisuka Gakuen 2
  • Majisuka Gakuen 0: Kisarazu Rantouhen
  • Majisuka Gakuen 4
  • Majisuka Gakuen 5
  • Majiuska Gakuen 6/Cabasuka Gakuen
  • Majisuka Gakuen 3
  • Majisuka Gakuen 7/Majimura Gakuen

Yes, there are 7 seasons now with Majimura Gakuen being the latest one and is currently on-going but I won’t include that here as it is not done yet.

Majisuka Gakuen 0 (Kisarazu Rantouhen): When the Cherry Blossoms started to bloom.

This is actually a prequel to Majisuka Gakuen 4 in which the story revolves around HKT48 members and the start of Miyawaki Sakura‘s journey in trying to reach the top.  Yes, this is the back story of Sakura before she transferred to Maji-jo.

There are actually a lot of back story that was released for Majisuka Gakuen but most of them are musical that I have not yet watched (I want to buy the DVDs but they are damn expensive).

The story revolves around the girls of HKT48 as students of Shekarashika Girls’ Commercial High School who went to Kisarazu for a school trip. Megahone (Tashima Meru),Bouyomi (Tomonaga Mio), Kakuni (Moriyasu Madoka) and Oshiri (Matsuoka Natsumi)  for some reason ended up beating bunch of school girls from the town which leads to them beating another group of male yankees.

The fight came to the attention of the leader of Kisarazu Yankee Gundan and they ended up looking for them to have another round. Failing to do so they planted a trap by kidnapping their teacher and in order to free him they need to fight them.

Cinematography wise, this season is a lot better than the rest. Probably because this is a movie and the others are drama plus the fact that this is a collaboration with another Japanese rock-band.

The fight scenes here also did not disappoint me as it is much crispier than the others. Fighting styles were also a lot better than the rest but not as higher than the fighting styles in Majisuka Gakuen 4 and 5.

It also has a much straight out story line and that is probably because this is shorter than the drama versions. One thing I don’t like and most probably other fans would agree is the unneeded kissing scene between the almighty Ageman (Sashihara Rino) and Show (Ayanokoji Show), much to my disappointment he was also her ex-boyfriend in this show.

Sashi is also the connection of this season to the previous seasons. Like in real life she was transferred to Hakata and was able to conquer the top. Of course, she has more screentime here than her role as Wota in Season 1 and 2. Her being the 7th President of Team Dontaku, the strongest army in their school, is the reflection of her being the #1 in the 7th Senbatsu Election for AKB48’s 41st single.

Here we also got to see a much more collected Sakura than she is in Season 4 and 5. I will talk about that more later on. However, they fail to execute why Sakura was aiming for the top in Season 4 or why is Katsuzetsu (Kodama Haruka) really wanted to fight Sakura to the point that she followed her in Tokyo.

There is not much of romance here but NakoMiku shippers would probably rejoice as they are always together. Sakura-Haruppi shippers will also rejoice with the amount of time they were together.

A kiss?

I did enjoy this season as well but it is sad though cause there is no Murashige Anna in this story since she was transferred to another 48G family group.

Majisuka Gakuen 4: Maji-jo created a Monster

This is probably my most favorite of all the series as everything in this season is my cup of tea. Well, the acting still is not something worth praising but Shimazaki Haruka expertise is acting.

Before anything else, let’s start with the plot. Like season 1, the story revolves around a transfer student named Sakura (Miyawaki Sakura) who also aimed to reach Maji-jo’s top. In order for her to reach that goal, she needed to beat Rappappa which is still the strongest army in the school. She must fight the the stoic non-interested in life president, Salt (Shimazaki Haruka) but she needed to follow the rules of beating the Four Heavenly Queens headed by Otabe (Yokayama Yui) who is also the vice-president, the gate keeper Yoga (Iriyama Ana), Magic (Kizaki Yuria) and Bakamono (Kawaei Rina) before she could fight Salt.

Among all the seasons this actually has the weakest back -story as to why Sakura wanted to reach the top. It was explained why she was not backing out and would beat people that would stand out of her way. Her father abandoned her and her mom leaving them with a huge debt but that has nothing to do with her reaching the top as the school is also known for having students in not so well-off family. Well, except Otabe, Nenzumi and Center who’s family background will be revealed in Season 5 (Nenzumi’s background was revealed during Season 2).

Putting that aside, the story line is somehow decent. They did a better job into highlighting that Sakura and Salt are the main characters.  Like I said, Paruru did a good job portraying her role. Her growth as an actress were shown in this season comparing it with Season 3 where she was also the lead. Her role as Salt made me fall head over heels with her.

That stare melts, damn.

Kawaie Rina’s portrayal of her role as Bakamono is also something I would praise. It is not much but she really did a good job acting as a strong idiotic person, probably it is because she is chosen as the most “baka/stupid” among the girls.

Such a cute Baka.

They also introduced a new line of characters and rivals in this season. If  Season 1 and 2 had Yabakune High School as their rival , they added Gekioko High School Nursing Department as another rival. Girls from NMB48 took that role.

I have to admit that this show made me so interested in NMB48. These Namba girls are really oozing with sex appeal, they made it even stronger when they beat people in their nursing uniform.

One thing I love about this whole series is the connections of their role in their real-life status. Gekioko is headed by Antonio (Yamamoto Sayaka) and like her role as the captain of NMB48 she shoulders the responsibility whenever her comrades did something wrong (cough*Milky*cough). This made me so interested in her that I became to love her more (sad she’s graduating soon).

Watanabe Miyuki‘s role as Cobi also has a correlation with her actual real life self. I thought romance between her and Antonio would surface but oh well, my gay self is disappointed again.

2nd year girls cooking inside the classroom where also there by the name of Team Hanabi. They were the comic relief in this season. They are much stronger than Team Hormone and Team Fondue and not to mention that they have sexy Takahashi Juri as the leader of the group.

An addition to the comic relief is the appearance of Sakura’s underlings. They are much adorable than Maeda’s annoying underling. But much to my dismay the role of Owada Nana as Zombie did not last until Sakaru had beat the heck out of her. I was kind of hoping that she would last long cause of her role but of well (I was also hoping that she will resurrect from the dead during Season 5).
Moving on, the fight scenes and styles are a lot better this time. Cinematography also improved probably because they learned from their mistakes during 1 and 2. Movements are a lot crispier than the previous season incorporating kicks and more fighting style. However, the superhuman powers that the Season 1 cast posses were totally thrown into trash this season. Even the monster, Salt, does not posses any special ability except that she is totally strong and invincible that even after being sent to the hospital she left after gaining consciousness.

Overall, the drama is something I could recommend to people but not with Sakura’s fans because maybe they wouldn’t want to see her being beaten like heck, almost losing every battle only to revive herself and fight once more which I think is a bit weak. They tried so hard to make her the second coming of Maeda Atsuko (Sashi by the way was the one who said that) that they actually failed to incorporate more of Maeda’s ability in terms of fighting. Sakura refuses to learn despite being told what to do. She do things on her own which made her fail into reaching the top.

Majisuka Gakuen 5: Together We Stand, United We Fall

I’m so invested in this whole series that I love them so much dearly only to be hurt so much by this season. Yes, this is the season that I hate the most. They totally waste a good story line and brought nothing but pain to fans.

I don’t know what was Aki P. thinking when he wrote this one, like okay, I know that the president of Rappappa takes the role of uniting everybody but do they really need to die?

First, Yuko died because she is terminally ill, Maeda who was next in line got arrested and now we have Salt dying because of that stupid principal. Salt dying is not enough that everybody in this season needed to die leaving Center and Kenpou the only ones alive.  Kenpou’s life was spared because she choose not to follow her team in the final battle with the Yakuzas.

You read that right, everyone will eventually die! Let there be peace on Earth does not mean putting someone’s life in exchange you know.

Okay, for reference the plot of this season revolves around the girls finding out who killed Salt. For some reason, Antonio find herself in trouble when she beated some yakuza boys but ended up being held captive by the area boss. Salt came to the rescue beating the heck out of them only to fuel fire with the Ryuto GangAkechi Sougyo, another group of yakuza find this opportunity to fuel up the fight against the high school yankees and Ryuto Gang. Sakura acting on impulse, stole a gun from Chinese Mafia putting them in battle with another opponent.

I think one of the few things that I like about this is the cameos of former AKB48 members like Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko whom at that time already graduated. Kashiwagi Yuki, Kojima Haruna and Watanabe Mayu also made a guest appearance during Salt’s funeral, why does the reunion of former Rappappas need to be in a funeral! WHY!!!

Moreover, the irritation continues with the addition of this police whom you don’t know if an enemy or comrade. When you thought he would save Sakura, no, he was to late to shout not to shoot.

Anyways, talking about some good points. I think the cinematography here works well but since I am not a fan of anything angsty I almost did not even notice it. Also, the waste of some characters here. They introduced a new characters like Head (Taniguchi Megu) but only for her life to be short live.  I think the only good thing there for me is I fell in love with her in this role.

On the other hand, they were able to execute Matsui Jurina‘s role as Center in this season. She by the way is the only one who appeared in all the seasons with the same role. A reference to her actual life is how she ask Team Hinabe to find who’s the strongest among them as a reference into finding a “new ace” in AKB. Her role her also made me realize that even though she is the chosen one, she would sometimes put herself behind looking after her juniors.

I mentioned before that in Season 5, some of the characters family background were revealed. It was rather surprising that some of them came from a wealthy family. Jurina/Center for example is the grand-daughter of the one who founded Majisuka Jyogakuen High School, a reference in her real life status as well as it was revealed that her grand-father is damn powerful.

Otabe’s family background is also surprising as she is the only daughter of  Yoshimune Sosuke, head of Akechi Sougyo. Eternal Leader, Takahashi Minami‘s background was also revealed to be the daughter of Ryuto Gang’s head. Sad that they Minami avenging his father’s death would lead to her death and Otabe’s father.

Their real names were also revealed in this season. Salt’s name was revealed to be Shimazaki Haruka, Otabe as Yui and Center as Jurina. All of them uses their real names for this drama.

This season is nothing but angst and I would say disturbing scenes. They went overboard with violence when they decided to kill everyone and what’s worse is the inclusion of drugs and prostitution. There is this scene that I almost thought I would die, when Otabe almost gave her body to the doctor in exchange of curing Sakura when she was shot. Good thing the owner of that club came in and told her that giving her body as a payment is not good.

All I can say is this season is wicked and would probably not what I wanted. Those who love angst would probably enjoy but not for people like me.

Majisuka Gakuen 6/Cabasuka Gakuen: High Tension

I’m really thankful that this season exist. That they decided to have an alternate story than what had happened in season 5.

Season 6 is an alternate story pretending that season 5 did not actually happened. But Aki P. really does not want an easy story line he had to make them work as hostess in this season. Even so, I would chose this one over season 5, that was just too much for me to handle.

Maji-jo was facing bankruptcy and Sakura being the 10th Generation president had a not so brilliant idea into saving her beloved school and Rappappa. She decided to quit school and put a club as a business to raise funds. Not wanting their dear president to shoulder things alone the whole group decided to tag along making them work as hostess.

This season is a total opposite of the previous season. Light comedy becomes their path. Unlike the previous seasons, this one lacks fight scenes and focuses on the girls funny and feminine side.

Acting wise, we could see a bit of development in Jurina’s acting but still not much for Sakura compared to her other acting projects. Yui is still the same but I have high praises for Shiroma Miru who acted as Shirogiku. She really fits the role of being an antagonist.

Also, I need to mention that finally some gay things happened here! As a huge shipper, I am really for scenes like this. Though the kissing scene between  Katabutsu (Okada Nana) and Magic (Kizaki Yuria) were portrayed in a form of a picture at least we get to have one! They finally gave Naachan a lot of screen time!

Another thing that I like is the cameo of former Four Lovely Queens. Kojima Haruna and Kahsiwagi Yuki had a brief appearance but not as their characters from before. Watanabe Mayu is also back as Nenzumi, CenZumi were happy with that little moment.

Salt also made an appearance portraying a bit more salty as she help Sakura by being a hostess. I would rather see her like this than inside that coffin.

It may not be really the real target of the show but JuriSuka shippers would find this scene as haven. There are bunch of JuriSuka moments here.

And ah let’s not forget the appearance of two Nogizaka 46 members who made some scenes interesting. They were actually the connection of this whole MJGK series to Majimuri Gakuen.

That’s the end of this review series. I will write more about my favorite characters soon.

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